Issues with Nittigritty

The lack of privacy and clear indications of what will happen with user data while registering for a "free" domain.

Of what quantity of high confidence I was carrying when I made this post is still a mystery to me. However, it serves the purpose of reminding to check whether your domain registrar charges extra for keeping your name and address off of a public database.

  • 2023-10-18

Just so everyone knows

Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2019 18:19:02 +0530
Subject: I am deeply unsatisfied with your business policy

Hi Nettigritty,

Your company is an awesome company, it has great services and exceptional policies, including the one to give free domains to the Hackathon participants, so that they may utilize it. And if what they make is successful, they will gladly pay the registration fees after the first year. And I am very pleased by this. It promotes people to develop applications and go worldwide without the restriction of buying a domain name. It is a perfect scheme, well, almost perfect.

When I registered the domain name, I was expecting that I would get a free domain name for a year, but no. I got it for only two damn weeks. Not because the domain expired, but because the your humanity did. I was expecting you guys to keep information that I share with you private. But no, the marketing head has to make his already expanding ass fatter than the fucking moon. You want to dupe everyone, you want to steal, lie, misdirect and even threaten so that you may earn money.

I am writing this email in the hope that it will be read by a human and not the greedy asshole who invented the trick of giving free domains and charging for privacy protection. I am not against you making money, I am against the policy that you suckers have used to make it. How is it even acceptable in this world of privacy that your beloved company makes the details of registration available to everyone, when every single competitor of yours adds this feature as a default.

And please don’t say that I am inexperienced, I am, but I am also a happy customer of Google Domains, who have been very conveniently keeping my privacy out of the hands of you guys. You know why people these days fear that their private life might become public? Because of you and your company.

I accept that I made a mistake to trust in your company and I deeply apologize for the same. Also, I accept that I should have read the entire terms and conditions before registering the domain.

And I request you to please delete the domain name registration from under my name. I do not want that domain name, and if I ever do, I will buy it from any other domain provider. I will also try to inform as many people around me as possible about your fraudulent business policy and the complete disrespect of basic human privacy, and to never ever use any of your services.



PS. Hackinout, please do not spread the fraudulent schemes of these people from now on. It would also help a lot if you could mail the other participants about the twist involved in their greedy scheme so that people may remain safe.

Regards and curses,
xypnox => Bought on Google Domains which I will gladly renew this year.

Sooner or later, everything ends.