Why though?


Once upon a time, I was introduced to email. And my first email was from yahoo.com (Which by now is most probably destroyed). It had the most common naming scheme, namely, your name followed by your birth year.

But as time passed, I moved on to Gmail, and I made a new email. It also went along the lines of the well-known name + year scheme. But I was getting tired of the long email and most importantly of my teenage browsing habits that had collectively subscribed to enough services that it was impossible to filter the important emails from promotions.

So, being the smart person I was, I didn't unsubscribe to these services. Rather, I created a new email that I planned to use for serious work! It was adityaultra4 @ gmail.com. I chose ultra because obviously, it was cool and 4 because it was one of my favorite numbers. (At least it's better than adityarocking2000)

I used the adityaultra4 username in almost all things I signed up for, Github, Twitter etc, etc. But, then I ran into a problem. By some way or another, I used the shorter version adiultra in some services instead of the longer adityaultra. This slight mismatch infuriated me.

Hence, one day, out of the blue, I decided that enough was enough and I wanted a new alias. Something short that I could use everywhere. At that time I was a huge fan of Greek mythology, having read the Percy Jackson series. I used google translate to look up for cool greek words. I translated all the hyper-ultra-super-awesome-sounding words into greek and tested whether they were taken or not.

The most difficult service to get a username is Gmail. Almost all the Greek words were already taken (Thanks helpful people of Greece), so, I started using variations. Slight changes to words that won't deviate much and will be sure to not have a registered account. More importantly, they should be pronounceable, because my favorite webcomic was named by using four random letters (xkcd), and when I recommend it to people they mostly take it for a nerdy geek thing.

The Greek word that I finally stumbled upon was έξυπνος (éxypnos). It means smart, clever, ingenious etc in English. Perfect! But the e in the beginning wasn't too nice. So, I removed the e and It now also meant Awake! Obviously, xypnos was already taken on Gmail. So, I had to improvise again. This time removing the last letter and replacing it with the good old x. And xypnox was finalized.

I needed a logo, an image for my profile pictures. Something that spoke of xypnox when people saw it. And for apparent reasons, I choose the greek chi χ. I could use any color I wanted and it was easy to scale, it looked good at both small and large sizes.


Viola! xypnox was available at all the services that were relevant to me and I quickly set up an account for them as soon as possible.

Now, I have pretty much a very consistent username system for me. So, good that if you Google xypnox all the content to show up would be mine.

That is the one and only story of me getting the name xypnox.