Broken Firefly

by xypnox

You would not believe your eyes
If ten thousand fireflies
Lit up the night skies

But among those there are a few
Those broken down
Waiting for their impossible chance
To steal the crown

And those broken fireflies
Those unheard tearful cries
Those sleepless darkest nights
They get shadowed by the lights
Of other perfect ten thousand fireflies

They try to fly
They dream to touch the sky
But the wind is too strong
And there’s no right or wrong

And then they fall
Cause falling’s easy
But it only brings you down

Only if someone could see
Their unbearable insecurities
Only if someone could feel
Their broken shattered heart
Only if they could realise
They could always restart

Only if you could know
There is life beyond
Those thick heavy books
Those silly shabby looks