Lover on a beach

by xypnox

The lover stood on the beach
Getting to know the feel of it
The calm waves
The cool breeze
The gentle water
dripping wet his feet
He was delighted
On the beach
For the beach was a way to the ocean
Ocean of love

The lover swam
Swam in the sea of love
In the ocean
With no effort he was dragged in
And the weightlessness
Made him feel free
He was free at last
And it was awesome
To be in love

Slowly however
He started to tire,
Water reached his chin,
And then his nose was submerged
Before he knew it
He was underwater
Falling, to hit the bottom
Failing, to take a breath
Love has its own games

And the fall was endless
The tension increased
Every foot that he dropped
Becoming unbearable
And painful beyond measure
Could love hurt so much?

Then he hit the bottom,
He thought he knew where the bottom was
He knew all along he would hit the bottom
It was just a matter of time
Then the storm started
He was plunged again
In strong currents
This time he was unconscious with
Hurt filling his lungs

He is washed on the shore
The sand that was soft before
is hard, unforgiving.
Hurting even more.
He slowly stands up,
Weak and tired
Finally out of love
Wet still with the memories
Of a sweet time
Before the storm

He curses the sea,
The ocean of love.
He hates the beach
And he hates himself
For being so stupid
To fall in love, knowing all well
What will happen afterwards

He promises then
Never to swim again
Never again in the ocean of love
And after promising himself
He moves on to the next beach
To repeat the same
To swim again
To curse again
And to repeat the same