by xypnox

Sometimes I think that Someone would come hurrying
Sometime soon To part me from my ways of these days.
Someone would surely have noticed, by now studying
The great depression of the 20s and my face.

  1. The depression of the 1920s after WWI.
  2. and the great depression of my face.
  3. and my face.

Late nights are long days,
I sleep off the daily nights,
To party hard and party thrice,
with booze stuff and the lights.
Sweet of sleep and sweat of rest,
nothing to do in this failed test
no hopes no dreams no desires
a world where no one tires.

The world is a blur of dark smoke and smoldering ashes
The battle was over and the war lost
the fight you fight is a lost cause
and you preferred not to be who
you were meant to be after all
Now no skirmish is left between us
I gave you a world and you ruined it.