by xypnox


There were two roads in the forest
I took one, she took another
We wandered for aeons
Till our paths crossed.

We shared memories
Of our travels
Of our exploits
Of the good days and the rainy ones
We laughed and cried,
For we had nothing to hide.

I couldn’t walk on her path
And neither could she traverse mine
And so we parted again.

But I was too attached
and tired of traveling all alone.
So I tried traveling
leaning towards her path
while sticking on mine.

And through the thickest fauna
I searched often where her path could have been
for a glance of the familiar face
amidst the darkness.

Sometimes I wondered,
What if we never left the crossroads?

But it didn’t matter
The bend I was hoping for
that would take me to her again
never happened.

And neither did she encounter
such a bend
towards me.

I met other travelers
And slowly she became
from the traveler I met on the roads
to a traveler I met on the roads.

Photo by @madebyjens. Via Unsplash.