What do we need to live?

by xypnox

“What is necessary to live?” The wise asks the clever.
”Air, Water, Food, Shelter. Are the four things we need to live.”
replies clever with a smug grin.

”Do you need them to live, or do you need them to survive?”
The wise asks again, with eyes that shine of wisdom unknown to the kind.

Maybe we need more than air to breath
Maybe our thirst goes beyond water
Maybe we hunger for more than food
And house is not the same as home.

What is it that makes survival different than life?
What do we need more than just money,
to have a filled belly and a roof over our head.

If you ever believe that “that one thing”, or “that one person”
would change your life?
You are wrong, terribly wrong!
For the mountain you choose to climb
Has no top at all.