With apology to the bank

by xypnox

When I tell them my job, people usually sigh,
because I am employed as a bank employee.
Paperwork and ink is my stinkiest kink,
With a cheap cigarette and a whiskey drink.
I don’t care and I don’t think. I stink.

If there is a letter missing from your letter,
I say later and enjoy the day with a wink.
I used to like money, that’s how I started,
but paperwork provided the boner I always wanted.

Some say I am an asshole and a retard,
Some say it’s important and I am being too hard!
But first let me see your Aadhaar and pan-card.

Man’s got 99 documents but missing is just one,
I say no to the idiot with a wide grin, not done.
I check the cheque thrice, once for rejection,
Twice for rejection, thrice for the Price.
Some say I am random as a dice,
I am just precise like a lice. Nice.

I hate the new Tech. It doesn’t let people respect,
The pain of submitting a filled form, and then I reject.
Some say I lack intellect, check the year, its incorrect.
I don’t disrespect, I just overprotect.

The only fear I have is that when I retire,
I will feel the pain when I fill the form for pension,
And the guy who replaces me will provide me same tension.
Long live corruption.